All our services provided depend on our registered active staff and we continuously encourage existing staff to introduce new members. In return, any existing staff is paid a £ 250.00 commission payment as an introduction fee. You can introduce as many members as you can as long as they meet our registration requirements outlined below you will be paid your £250.00 commission. We pay for Trained Nurses, Qualified Social Workers & Cooks

  1. No strings attached, as long as you are already a member of Millenium.
  2. No limit to the number of candidates you can introduce, however they must meet registration requirements and they must make up the hours.
  3. All high calibre members introduced or referred to us and worked with us for a minimum of 75 hours the referrer will automatically be paid £250.00 commission.
  4. Candidates must meet the commission payment criteria within the first six months following their registration with Millenium. If they do not meet our requirement of six months, no commission payment can be made to the referrer.
  5. Commission payments can only be guaranteed by the ability, professionalism, quality and legitimacy of the candidate referred by the referrer. Hence, it is the responsibility of the referrer to ensure that the candidate/s referred are committed and meet the necessary recruitment requirements.
  6. Millenium will endeavour to provide the available jobs on offer in accordance to first come first serve basis, and staff suitability. Millenium will not guarantee work for this offer unless stated expressly in writing by the Branch Manager or managing director depending on the prevailing contracts held by the company.